Key Features and Product Types

  • Supports IEEE and OIF 10, 25, 40 and 100G standards
  • Retimers are protocol independent and support a PLL per lane for mixed port speeds
  • Self-adapting Rx equalizers for ease of connection
  • Optional 100G 802.3bj Clause 91 RS-FEC for IEEE 100GE and optical module MSA support (SR4, CWDM4, PSM4)
  • Package and power options for line card, daughter card and module applications
  • Evaluation and reference board schematics and layouts

Enables Modules and Adaptors to Support

  • 10x10GE SR/LR (MLG)
  • 2x40GE SR/LR (MLG)
  • SR10 (GB)
  • Integrated FEC (Retimer)

Product Options

100G Gearbox

The Gearbox function translates the formatting of 100G data streams by multiplexing and demultiplexing 10x10G (100G) to 4x25G (100G) for Ethernet and OTN applications.   The gearbox function is defined in IEEE 802.3ba.

Multi-Link Gearbox (MLG)

The MLG function supports 10 independent 10GE links or 40GE links into a single 4x25G (100G) link in both the receive and transmit direction.  The device supports all lane marking and idle insertion functions defined by OIF MLG1.0 and 2.0.

Protocol Independent Retimer

The Family supports devices with 8 lanes (up to 100G full duplex) and 20 lanes, where each lane is a Rx/Tx pair.   Each lane is protocol independent and also has independent PLL per lane. 


RS-FEC is supported on the 4x25G lanes on the 100G Gearbox and Retimer devices.   The 100GE KR4 RS-FEC is encoded on the 4x25G transmit and decoded and corrected if needed on the 4x25G receive.   The RS-FEC implementation follows IEEE 802.3bj Clause 91 specification for interoperability.   RS-FEC is specified in 100G MSAs including SR4, CWDM4 and PSM4.

LineSpeed Flex Product Options


Product DescriptionPackageFunctions/OptionsRates
Part NumberDescriptionTx/RxPkg SizeGearboxMLGRetimerRSFEC10-14G25-28G
MSH221SF100G Octal Retimer with FEC812x12mmXXXX
MSH222S100G Full Duplex Retimer813x13mmXXX
MSH222SF100G Full Duplex Retimer with FEC813x13mmXXXX
MSH225S10 Lane Full Duplex Retimer2017x17mmXXX
MSH225SF10 Lane Full Duplex with FEC2017x17mmXXXX


Product DescriptionPackageFunctions/OptionsRates
Part NumberDescriptionTx/RxPkg SizeGearboxMLGRetimerRSFEC10-14G25-28G
MSH320S100G Gearbox2017x17mmXXXX
MSH320SF100G Gearbox with FEC2017x17mmXXXXX
MSH321S100G MLG Gearbox1412x12mmXX XX
MSH322S100G MLG Gearbox2017x17mmXX XX
MSH323S100G Gearbox1412x12mmXXXX
MSH323SF100G Gearbox with FEC1412x12mmXXXXX
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