Bandwidth Engine Devices and LineSpeed PHYs Solve Memory Bandwidth
and Data Throughput Bottlenecks for Network Equipment by Reducing Area,
Power and Economics

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 28, 2015–



(NASDAQ: MOSY), a leader in semiconductor solutions that enable
fast, intelligent data access for network and communications
systems, is exhibiting, supporting ecosystem partner
demonstrations, and participating in the panel discussion, Will
the Optical Backplane Ever Happen?
, at DesignCon
. The company is also introducing its IC
Spotlight™ Analyzer
software toolkit developed for networking
system designers to debug and perform on-chip analysis of
high-speed serial I/O channels connected with Bandwidth
® serial memory and LineSpeed™
data path devices, enabling rapid system bring up and


Product, Technology and Show Highlights:
  • MoSys Bandwidth Engine IC Eliminates Memory Bottlenecks with serial GigaChip® Interface.
  • MoSys LineSpeed PHY ICs Deliver Signal Integrity and Low Power for modules and Line Cards.
    • LineSpeed 100G Low Power Retimer (MSH110) and 100G Gearbox (MSH310) performing full duplex 4x25G traffic over passive QSFP28 copper cable from multiple vendors enables 100G QSFP, CFP4 and CFP2 modules.
    • A product technology demonstration will take place at FCI booth #817, featuring the extended reach ability of LineSpeed 100G PHYs by driving high-speed signal transmissions at 25/28G across an AirMAX VSe® connector and an FCI backplane using a LineSpeed 100G Multi-Mode Gearbox (MSH310).
  • MoSys’ IC Spotlight Analyzer development environment will be demonstrated with Bandwidth Engine and LineSpeed products.
  • MoSys will participate in the panel discussion, Will the Optical Backplane Ever Happen? John Monson, vp of marketing and sales for MoSys, will join panelists from Cisco, Intel, Google and Juniper Network, to address the opportunities and challenges for optical backplanes as Moore’s Law continues to drive for higher signaling rates.


Taking place annually in Silicon Valley, DesignCon is the premier
educational conference and technology exhibition for electronic
design engineers in the high speed communications and
semiconductor communities.



DesignCon 2015 takes place January 27-30; Expo is January 28-29.



Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, California 95054

MoSys’ demonstrations and product information will be available at
MoSys booth #848. The MoSys-FCI joint demonstration will be
available at FCI booth #817. The panel discussion, Will the Optical
Backplane Ever Happen, takes place on Thursday, January 29, from
2:00-2:40pm at the Chiphead Theater.

About IC Spotlight

MoSys’ IC Spotlight™ Analyzer toolkit allows system designers to focus
on product development with a powerful and easy to use analysis and
debugging tool for high-speed serial I/O channels on either Bandwidth
Engine serial memories or LineSpeed 100G data path products. IC
Spotlight connects to a MoSys product through a sideband SPI, MDIO, or
I2C port and takes advantage of on-chip resources for rapid product
bring up, configuration and analysis. One of the many capabilities
allows developers to measure bit-error rates (BER) measurements on
multiple channels while monitoring and adjusting high-speed serial
transceiver parameters in real-time. The graphical user interface of IC
Spotlight supports point and click macro recording while those who
prefer command line have access to a python shell with scripting

About MoSys, Inc.

MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY) is a fabless semiconductor company enabling
leading equipment manufacturers in the networking and communications
systems markets to address the continual increase in Internet users,
data and services. The company’s solutions deliver data path
connectivity, speed and intelligence while eliminating data access
bottlenecks on line cards and systems scaling from 100G to
multi-terabits per second. Engineered and built for high-reliability
carrier and enterprise applications, MoSys’ Bandwidth Engine® and
LineSpeed™ IC product families are based on the company’s patented
high-performance, high-density intelligent access and high-speed serial
interface technology, and utilize the company’s highly efficient
GigaChip® Interface. MoSys is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.
More information is available at

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MoSys, Inc. in the US and/or other countries. IC Spotlight, LineSpeed
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