MoSys Programmable Search Engine with Oricane customizable BioCAM Search algorithms enables high-performance ACL, LPM, and exact match offload for a TCAM alternative or other unique search solutions for networking SDN, NFV, and security applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MoSys (NASDAQ:MOSY), a leader in semiconductor solutions that enable fast, intelligent data access for Cloud, network, and communications systems, today announced that Oricane will partner with MoSys to support developments on the MoSys® Programmable Search Engine platform. Oricane has developed a family of network search algorithms, including code and management software called BioCAM® Search. The algorithms and software can be customized and optimized to customer requirements on a MoSys Bandwidth Engine® (BE) or Programmable Search Engine (PSE) platform to deliver differentiated networking search or data processing solutions for Cloud infrastructure applications such as SDN, NFV, load balancing, processor offload or security.

The MoSys PSE is a monolithic IC designed for packet processor offload that leverages 32 search-optimized processing engines, data access schedulers, and over one and a half terabits of internal access bandwidth. The device combines MoSys’ proven serial interface technology and high-density integrated memory with the processor engine architecture. Paired with FPGAs or network processors, the PSE or BE platforms deliver a compelling solution for customized high-performance packet processing and analytics applications. 

The Oricane BioCAM Search algorithm and software accelerates classification and forwarding of Internet traffic functions, such as longest prefix matching and multiple field classification, providing a high-speed, high-density search solution. Together with MoSys’ PSE and BE platforms, BioCAM Search algorithms and software provide an innovative alternative to TCAMs and other traditional memory architectures while enabling new capabilities.  

BioCAM Search can transform the PSE into a high-speed and high-density alternative to TCAMs with native support for IPv4/IPv6 Longest Prefix Matching (LPM) and IPv4/IPv6 Multiple Field Classification (MFC) for ACL/SDN type applications. Taking advantage of the 1Gb table capacity of the PSE, the BioCAM Search algorithms can support table sizes in the range of 8 to 16 million prefixes and ACL rule sets of 1 million. With size and performance tradeoff flexibility, the combination can yield capacity that is up to 4x larger than a TCAM and support packet processors with aggregate packet rates up to 400Gbps and search requirements as high as 1Bsps.

“MoSys’ Programmable Search Engine and Bandwidth Engine architectures enable a unique combination of performance and flexibility,” stated Mikael Sundstrom, CEO for Oricane. “Adding our proven BioCAM Search algorithms and software enables a flexible industry-leading search and data processing engine.”

“The Cloud requires performance and flexible programming of networking functions and processor offloads to support a dynamic infrastructure with low capex and opex,” stated John Monson, VP of marketing and sales for MoSys . “The performance and flexibility of the PSE architecture combined with software solutions, such as Oricane’s, enables OEMs and network operators to deliver configurable platforms capable of supporting terabits per second.”

MoSys supports an integrated development environment (IDE) to support code development for its PSE and PSE models to validate functionality prior to integration. In addition, evaluation boards based on FMC have been developed to plug into standard FPGA platforms.  

MoSys BE and PSE devices and platforms, as well as Oricane BioCAM software, are available today. Customers interested in getting started on development of a custom search solution can contact either company.

About MoSys, Inc.
MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOSY) is a fabless semiconductor company enabling leading equipment manufacturers of Cloud, networking, communications, and data center systems to address the continual increase in Internet users, data and services. The company’s solutions deliver data path connectivity, speed and intelligence while eliminating data access bottlenecks on line cards and systems scaling from 100G to multi-terabits per second. Engineered and built for high-reliability carrier and enterprise applications, MoSys’ Bandwidth Engine®, Programmable Search Engine, and LineSpeed™ IC product families are based on the company’s patented high-performance, high-density intelligent access and high-speed serial interface technology, and utilize the company’s highly efficient GigaChip® Interface. MoSys is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. More information is available at

About Oricane
Founded in 2006, Oricane is the provider of the BioCAM® family of algorithm-based solutions for accelerating classification and forwarding of Internet traffic, addressing the future performance requirements for the next generation networking equipment. Oricane collaborates with leading fabless semiconductor vendors to bring future-proof embedded and stand-alone Network Search Engines (NSEs) to the market, embracing the rapid development in Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) thereby driving the acceleration of number of connected devices – The Internet of Things – throughout the 21st century.

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