SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 16, 1998— MoSys, Inc., is
expanding its product offerings in the high-performance graphics
market with the addition of a new 512kx32, 16Mbit synchronous graphics
memory (SGRAM), the MG802C512, for 2D/3D graphics and multimedia
applications in desktop, notebook computers and add-in cards.

With industry leading performance, the MG802C512 combines the
highest bandwidth and lowest latency of any SGRAM, making this device
well suited for the new generations of high performance graphics

This new 16 Megabit SGRAM, based on the company’s Multibank technology,
is particularly suited for 64-bit and 128-bit 3D graphics accelerators,
enabling system bandwidths up to 1.6 and 3.2 GB/sec., respectively.

Its 200MHz-clock rate allows 3.2GB/sec. block fill rate, as well
as, 800Mbytes/sec. Read and Write throughput per device, in sustained
data transfer, making it 60-percent faster than other currently
available SGRAMs. In addition, its faster row and column access
provides 40-percent lower access times than other SGRAMs.

The MG802C512 features two and four bank operation modes, LVTTL
and SSTL compatibility and low clock to data out timing (sub 4ns
Tco), eliminating design-in constraints at the controller and board
levels. It is fully pin and function compatible with JEDEC standard

“Again, our second generation SGRAM sets a new performance standard
for the graphics memory industry,” said Fu-Chieh Hsu, chairman
and CEO “at MoSys, we are committed to push the performance envelope,
to enable better and more realistic 3D graphics experience for the
end-user community.”

The MG802C512 is available now.
Speed options are 125, 133, 150, 166 and 200MHz.
2 clock CAS latency supported all speed grades through 166MHz.
Packaging is 100-pin PQFP or LQFP, available in standard and
reverse pinouts.

MoSys, Inc. is the industry pioneer of high performance memory
technologies such as multibanking, multibank caching, double data
rate, fast cycle access, data streaming, terminated reduced-swing
I/O switching, source-synchronous (wave-pipelining) data access,
PLL-assisted clocking, ultra-fast charge sensing and ultra-fast
memory cycle time. Many of these technologies are patented and incorporated
in the company’s high performance Multibank DRAM, MCache, ultra-fast
SGRAM and ultra-low power 1T-SRAM products and building blocks.

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MoSys, MDRAM, MCache and Multibank are registered trademarks of
MoSys, Inc., 1T-SRAM is a trademark of MoSys, Inc.