Third Generation Bandwidth Engine MSRZ30, MSR630 and MSR830 Devices
Support a Serial Interface up to 30G per lane, 1Gb of Memory and
Increased Offload Intelligence to Deliver Scalable Performance and

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 7, 2015–
(NASDAQ: MOSY), a leader in semiconductor solutions that enable fast,
intelligent data access for network and communications systems, today
announced three new members of its Bandwidth
Engine® family
, each with 1 Gb of high access rate memory and a
flexible high-speed serial interface. Bandwidth Engine 3 targets support
for packet processing applications with up to five billion memory single
word accesses per second as well as burst mode to enable full duplex
buffering up to 400G for ingress, egress and oversubscription
applications. The MSRZ30 is optimized to accelerate the EZchip
, the MSR630 enables high rate lookup or high-performance
buffer capabilities and the MSR830 offers additional offload
capabilities for functions such as statistics and metering to increase
performance and add features for next generation networking and
communications equipment.

MoSys® Bandwidth Engine ICs support the flexible high-performance serial GigaChip®
with scalable lane support (2, 4, 8, or 16) and scalable
SerDes per lane rates of 10-15G or 20-30G. The scalable interface allows
trade-offs of pins and bandwidth for different types of applications.
The internal Bandwidth Engine 3 architecture consists of a highly
parallel memory array with thirty-two access ports which are managed by
the array manager and connected to the high performance, reliable, GCI
serial interface enabling the highest throughput and minimizing resource
conflict. The abundance of memory resources aligns well with
multi-threaded, many-core processor implementations which require
unprecedented levels of memory transaction rate and bandwidth. The
MSR830 device supports additional statistics, metering and atomic
operations for packet processing offload and maximum efficiency of pin
count and memory bandwidth. These monolithic devices deliver extreme
memory and offload performance without requiring exotic packaging with
ultra-dense interconnect or complex cooling solutions associated with
multi-chip modules.

The MoSys Bandwidth Engine 3 Family

  • The Bandwidth Engine 3 – Burst (MSR630) device delivers the highest
    memory performance of a single device for lookup and buffering
  • The Bandwidth Engine 3 – Macro (MSR830) device includes extended
    intelligent offload capability and supports thirty-two 100GE ports
    with real-time metering and statistics.
  • Bandwidth Engine 3 for EZchip NPS-400 (MSRZ30) builds upon the
    capabilities and performance of the MSR830, with data rates, interface
    protocol and data structures that are optimized for the EZchip NPS-400
    network processor.

All three third generation Bandwidth Engine devices have a common
footprint in a 27mm x 27mm 676 pin FCBGA package with 1mm pitch.

“Solutions for the memory bandwidth bottleneck are critical to provide
scalable performance and features to equipment throughout the network,”
stated John
, VP of marketing and sales for MoSys. “The Bandwidth Engine
family solves these challenges with increased memory bandwidth and
reduced pin count, power and space to add features and performance to
OEM equipment that enables internet service providers, data centers,
carriers and operators to deploy scalable, intelligent networks that can
deliver value to the end-customer.”

MoSys has been at the forefront of serial intelligent memory solutions
with its Bandwidth Engine family, and this latest set of products
provides even more capabilities,” said Bob
, principal analyst for The Linley Group. “By integrating the
serial interface and control logic for the Bandwidth Engine 3 into the
NPS-400, EZchip has the ability to significantly increase memory
bandwidth to scale performance.”

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About MoSys, Inc.

MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY) is a fabless semiconductor company enabling
leading equipment manufacturers in the networking and communications
systems markets to address the continual increase in Internet users,
data and services. The company’s solutions deliver data path
connectivity, speed and intelligence while eliminating data access
bottlenecks on line cards and systems scaling from 100G to
multi-terabits per second. Engineered and built for high-reliability
carrier and enterprise applications, MoSys’ Bandwidth Engine® and
LineSpeed™ IC product families are based on the company’s patented
high-performance, high-density intelligent access and high-speed serial
interface technology, and utilize the company’s highly efficient
GigaChip® Interface. MoSys is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.
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