Proven Interoperability with Industry Standard PCI Express Controller
from Denali Software Streamlines IO Sub-System Design

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 2, 2009–
MoSys, Inc., a leading supplier of differentiated high density embedded
memory and high data rate parallel and serial interface IP, today
announced the availability of its PCI Express 2.0 PHY. MoSys’ PHY
complies with the PIPE 2.0 specification and provides the physical layer
(PHY) interface that connects to industry standard PCI Express 2.0

“The PCI Express standard, provided by PCI-SIG, is based on a very
complex and technical specification requiring best-in-class IP,” said David Lin, Vice President of Marketing at Denali Software. “MoSys’ PCI
Express 2.0 PHY, together with our Databahn PCIe controller IP and
PureSpec PCIe Verification IP, extends our ability to offer high-quality
end-to-end interface solutions to meet the needs of our mutual 40nm

“There is strong demand for high-quality, silicon proven SerDes
interface IP at 40nm,” said David DeMaria, Vice President of Business
Operations for MoSys. “The availability of our PCI Express 2.0 PHY and
its seamless interoperability with Denali’s PCI Express controllers
ensures speedy time to market for our customers’ chip designs.”

“The high speed interface requirements for our ASICs are demanding,”
said Anil Mankar, Senior Vice President of VLSI Engineering for
Mindspeed Technologies. “We selected the PCI Express 2.0 solution from
MoSys because it precisely met our requirements.”

“Customers of our ASIC designs have stringent requirements for high
speed PHYs,” said Amal Bommireddy, Vice President of Engineering at
AppliedMicro. “MoSys’ PCI Express PHYs have helped our ASIC design teams
exceed those requirements.”

MoSys’ PIPE 2.0 compliant PCI Express 2.0 PHY is available now to chip
designers using 40nm and 65nm processes. The PHY is available for both
wirebond and flipchip packages.

About MoSys, Inc.

Founded in 1991, MoSys® (NASDAQ: MOSY), develops, markets and
licenses differentiated embedded memory and high speed parallel and
serial interface IP for advanced SoC designs. MoSys’ patented 1T-SRAM®
and 1T-Flash® memory technologies offer a combination of high
density, low power consumption, high speed and low cost advantages that
are unmatched by other available memory technologies for a variety of
networking, computing, storage and consumer/graphics applications.

MoSys’ silicon-proven interface IP portfolio includes DDR3/2 Combo PHYs,
as well as SerDes IP that support data rates from 1 Gigabit per second
(Gbps) to 11Gbps, across a wide range of standards, including
PCI-Express, XAUI, SATA, USB and 10G KR. MoSys IP has been
production-proven in more than 175 million devices.

MoSys is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. More information is
available on MoSys’ website at

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trademark of MoSys, Inc.

MoSys, 1T-SRAM and 1T-Flash are registered trademarks of MoSys, Inc. All
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