Chartered 0.25-micron test chips completed with 0.18-micron
test chips in progress

SUNNYVALE and MILPITAS, Calif. May 1, 2000— MoSys,
Inc. and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Nasdaq:CHRT and
SGX-ST:CHARTERED) have announced the silicon verification of MoSys’
1T-SRAM memory technology on Chartered’s 0.25-micron standard logic
process. With design and validation work already advanced on Chartered’s
0.18-micron processes, this marks the successful evaluation of initial
test chips manufactured by Chartered using MoSys’ 1T-SRAM designs.
With this manufacturing milestone completed, Chartered customers
can confidently select MoSys’ 1T-SRAM technology to meet the memory
requirements of their system-on-chip designs.

“Chartered’s silicon verification of the 1T-SRAM memory gives
our customers access to a technology that passes the test of successful
manufacturing. This reduces design risk and enhances the ability
to create a system on a chip,” said Ana Hunter, vice president
of worldwide electronic design automation services at Chartered.
“This alliance provides our customers with a seamless path
from design to manufacturing, and enables creation of system-level
devices using MoSys’ high density memory architecture.”

“Communications applications now require multi-megabits of
high-performance memory with very stringent power budgets,”
stated Bob Merritt, senior analyst of Semico Research Corporation.
“The memory on such ICs often occupies 40% to 60% of the chip
area.” By using embedded 1T-SRAM technology, designers can
now economically integrate this memory on a standard logic process,
without having to compromise the speed, density or power parameters.

“MoSys’ 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology will allow Chartered’s
customers to achieve system-level integration with increased memory
density and logic on the same chip,” commented Mark-Eric Jones,
vice president and general manager of intellectual property at MoSys,
Inc. “We look forward to working with Chartered, its customers
and its partners.”

About MoSys 1T-SRAM

Available for certain processes in densities up to 128Mbits, MoSys’
patented 1T-SRAM technology uses a single transistor cell to achieve
its exceptional density while maintaining the refresh-free interface
and low latency random memory access cycle time associated with
traditional six-transistor SRAM cells. Embedded 1T-SRAM memories
allow designers to get beyond the density limits of six-transistor
SRAMs; it also reduces much of the circuit complexity and extra
cost associated with using embedded DRAM. In addition to the exceptional
performance and density, this technology offers dramatic power consumption
savings by using under a quarter of the power of traditional SRAM
memories. 1T-SRAM technology is volume production proven in millions
of MoSys’ discrete memory devices.

About Chartered’s Baseline Manufacturing Process Technology

The capability to design a system on silicon depends upon three
major factors: the intellectual property (IP) and design methodologies
used to create systems on a single chip, and the process technologies
used in manufacturing.

Through agreements with EDA and IP companies like MoSys, Chartered
has built a portfolio of libraries, IP cores, embedded memory blocks
and tools that allow designers to create systems on chips. Each
partner’s IP, libraries and tools are integrated and verified through
a full design flow. Only then are they proven in silicon through
Chartered’s test chip program. Once manufactured, characterized,
verified and matched to Chartered¹s baseline CMOS manufacturing
process, customers can mix and match elements within the same process
generation (e.g., 0.18-micron).

This technology strategy facilitates design reuse and systems-on-silicon
enhancements from one design to the next so customers do not have
to redesign existing features or change their existing design flow.

About Chartered

Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Nasdaq:CHRT and SGX-ST:Chartered)
is one of the world’s leading independent foundries providing wafer
fabrication services. Guided by the tenets of trust, service, partnership,
advanced technology and stability, the Company aims to provide world-class
semiconductor foundry services that enable customers to create and
deliver market-leading system-level solutions. Chartered operates
five fabrication facilities that serve high-growth, technologically
advanced applications such as communications and networking. Headquartered
in Singapore, Chartered employs approximately 3400 people at its
11 locations in North America, Asia and Europe.

Chartered completed its global initial public offering in October
1999 and is traded in the United States on Nasdaq and in Singapore
on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST). The
Company reported 1999 revenues of US $694.3 million. For more information,
visit the Company’s website at:

About MoSys

MoSys, Inc. is the leading semiconductor technology company specializing
in innovative, high performance, random access memories based on
its patented 1T-SRAM architecture. Founded in 1991, the company
develops innovative memory technology for licensing to semiconductor
and systems companies. MoSys also uses this technology to produce
its own memory products. The company¹s unique memory architecture
has been proven in the volume production of over 30 million memory
devices. Licensees that are adopting 1T-SRAM technology include
tier one electronics, semiconductor and foundry companies. The company
is headquartered at 1020 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, California, 94086.
More information on MoSys is available at

Note to Investors

This news release contains forward-looking statements, as defined
in the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities
Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements
relate to the silicon verification of the 0.18um test chip referred
to herein and reflect Chartered’s current views with respect to
future events and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties,
which could cause actual results to differ materially from historical
results or those anticipated. Although Chartered believes the expectations
reflected in such forward-looking statements are based upon reasonable
assumptions, it can give no assurance that its expectations will
be attained. A description of certain of the risks and uncertainties
which could cause actual results to differ materially from those
indicated in the forward-looking statements can be found in the
section captioned “Risk Factors” in Chartered’s Annual
Report on Form 20-F filed with the U.S. Securities and exchange
Commission. Chartered undertakes no obligation to publicly update
or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of
new information, future events or otherwise.


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