IP professional to build licensing business for
embedded memory technology

SUNNYVALE, Calif., October 12, 1998— MoSys, Inc. today
announced the appointment of Mark-Eric Jones as Vice President &
General Manager of Intellectual Property. The appointment strengthens
the company¹s commitment to serve the emerging embedded memory market
with its industry-leading ultra-high performance RAM technology.
Mr. Jones will be playing a key role in building MoSys’ Intellectual
Property licensing business and is based at the corporate headquarters
in Sunnyvale.

Prior to joining MoSys, Mr. Jones headed up the “Inventra”
IP Products business at Mentor Graphics Corporation. Earlier, as
CEO of 3Soft, he founded and grew this Intellectual Property company
until its acquisition at the beginning of 1996 by Mentor Graphics.
Mr. Jones brings over ten years general management and marketing
experience from the Intellectual Property industry. Mr. Jones was
a founder of, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of,
RAPID, the Intellectual Property business association.

“We are thrilled to have Mark-Eric Jones join MoSys”
stated Dr. Fu-Chieh Hsu, Chairman and CEO. “He brings unique
experience as one of the pioneers of the Intellectual Property business
model and will be instrumental in developing MoSys’ technology licensing
business,” added Dr. Hsu.

“By adopting an Intellectual Property licensing model, MoSys
can make its highly-differentiated volume production-proven RAM
technology available to designers in the rapidly growing communications,
computing and consumer markets” commented Mark-Eric Jones,
adding “I am excited by the compelling advantages that the
MoSys technology will bring to the new generation of System-on-Chip
(SOC) designers.”

About MoSys

MoSys, Inc. is the industry pioneer of high performance memory
technologies such as multibanking, multibank caching, double data
rate, fast cycle access, data streaming, terminated reduced-swing
I/O switching, source-synchronous (wave-pipelining) data access,
PLL-assisted clocking, ultra-fast charge sensing and ultra-fast
memory cycle time. Many of these technologies are patented and incorporated
in the Company’s high performance Multibank DRAM, MCache, ultra-fast
SGRAM and ultra-low power 1T-SRAM products and building blocks.
More information about MoSys’ products is available at https://dev-mosys-web-04-19.pantheonsite.io.

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