Patented ultra-dense 1T-SRAM technology to be used in high
performance Ethernet switches

SUNNYVALE, CA (December 6, 1999)— MoSys, Inc. and Galileo
Technology, Inc. announced today that Galileo has licensed MoSys’
1T-SRAM for use on Galileo’s Ethernet switches and other system-on-chip
(SoC) products requiring high performance memory.

Galileo’s products address the need for high performance, highly
integrated data communications ICs. By integrating 1T-SRAM in its
announced GT-48350 and GT-48360 switches
, Galileo has completely
eliminated their customers need to have external memory devices
when designing with these controllers. With 1T-SRAM as the on chip
memory, these devices will offer more than twice as much memory
and lower cost per port than any other solution on the market.

“In order to achieve the next level of integration for our
high performance data communications products, we needed to find
a memory technology that could meet the stringent demands of our
market,” stated Mitch Kahn, Galileo’s vice president of strategic
marketing. “MoSys’ 1T-SRAM memory technology uniquely delivers
both the performance and integration capability required.”

The exploding bandwidth requirements of the high growth data communications
market are driving the demand for high performance ultra-dense SRAM
memory. 1T-SRAM, capable of delivering the true random access cycle
times characteristic of SRAMs but at dramatically improved densities,
is ideally suited for the next generation of products in these markets.

“Galileo’s advanced technology is enabling the rapid advance
of data communications infrastructure,” said Mark-Eric Jones,
vice president and general manager of intellectual property at MoSys,
Inc. “We are pleased to partner with a leader in this high
growth market.”


Available in densities up to 128Mbits, MoSys’ patented 1T-SRAM
technology uses a single transistor cell to achieve its exceptional
density while maintaining the refresh-free interface and low latency
random memory access cycle time associated with traditional six-transistor
SRAM cells. Embedded 1T-SRAM allows designers to get beyond the
density limits of six-transistor SRAMs; it also reduces much of
the circuit complexity and extra cost associated with using embedded
DRAM. 1T-SRAM memories can be fabricated in either pure logic or
embedded memory processes using as little as one ninth of the area
of traditional six-transistor SRAM cores. In addition to the exceptional
performance and density, this technology offers dramatic power consumption
savings by using under a quarter of the power of traditional SRAM
memories. 1T-SRAM technology is volume production proven in millions
of MoSys’ discrete memory devices.


Galileo Technology, a market leader in Communication Systems on
Silicon, is one of the semiconductor industry’s fastest growing
suppliers of complex, high-performance, integrated circuit devices.
Galileo’s products include advanced communication switch controllers,
high-performance system controllers for RISC processors and WAN
communication controllers. Galileo’s products form the heart of
many advanced data communications systems built by leading OEMs,
such as Accton, Cisco Systems, D-Link, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Lucent,
NBase and Nortel Networks.

Galileo employs more than 250 people worldwide with business headquarters
in San Jose, California and R&D headquarters in Moshav Manof,
Israel. For more information on Galileo, call 1-888-GALTEK-1 or
visit our website at


MoSys, Inc. is the leading semiconductor technology company specializing
in innovative, high performance, random access memories including
products based on its patented 1T-SRAM technology. Founded in 1991,
the company develops and markets memory integrated circuits as well
as licenses memory technology and cores to semiconductor and systems
companies. The company¹s unique memory architecture has been proven
in the volume production of over 30 million memory devices. Licensees
that are adopting 1T-SRAM technology include tier one electronics,
semiconductor and foundry companies. The company is headquartered
at 1020 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, California, 94086. More information
on MoSys is available at


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