TOKYO & SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sep 20, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) — MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY), the industry’s leading
provider of high-density system-on-chip (SoC) embedded memory
solutions, and Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702), a leading provider of
customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global
marketplace, announced today an agreement under which MoSys’ 1T-SRAM
technology is licensed to Fujitsu on its advanced 65 nanometer (nm)
production process.

The companies’ partnership already covers the 0.13-micron and 90nm
semiconductor technologies. With the implementation of MoSys-patented
1T-SRAM memory technology and 1T-Q bit cell to Fujitsu’s 65nm process,
Fujitsu is able to offer complex SoCs that have a fraction of the die
area devoted to embedded memory compared to other competing embedded
memory technologies, while maintaining very high performance with
extremely low power consumption. The cost savings derived from the
smaller embedded memory die area can be allocated to other various
uses, such as increasing functionality at the same cost, or
significantly reducing unit costs while maintaining the same

“Since partnering with MoSys, Fujitsu has acquired much experience
in the design and manufacturing methodologies of 1T-SRAM-Q technology.
We feel this is one of the best embedded memory solutions on 65nm
technology,” said Kimiaki Satoh, General Manager of the FCRAM
Division, Electronic Devices Group of Fujitsu Limited. “Fujitsu
already has its own advanced 65nm technology. By having 1T-SRAM-Q
based memory macros available on our cutting-edge technology, we can
empower our customers by enabling them to meet some of the most
demanding challenges of future silicon products — achieving cost
competitiveness while maintaining higher performance. We accomplish
these goals without sacrificing memory density and speed.”

“We are very pleased to reach this agreement with Fujitsu, which
sets an important milestone in validating MoSys patented technologies
at the most advanced process node,” said Chet Silvestri, chief
executive officer at MoSys, Inc. “By adopting MoSys 1T-SRAM technology
for its 65 nm products, Fujitsu can use the extensive experience
developed on the 0.13-micron and 90 nm processes to provide optimized
solutions for its customer base and provides momentum for scaling
below 65 nm in the future.”

Fujitsu is currently constructing its second 300mm fab, which will
support leading-edge 65nm process technologies, and continues to move
forward with developments with its cutting-edge technology partners
worldwide. In addition to maximizing and further enhancing the
advantages of its 65nm process technologies — fast speed with low
power consumption, Fujitsu plans to enrich its design methodology

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer-focused IT and
communications solutions for the global marketplace. Pace-setting
device technologies, highly reliable computing and communications
products, and a worldwide corps of systems and services experts
uniquely position Fujitsu to deliver comprehensive solutions that open
up infinite possibilities for its customers’ success. Headquartered in
Tokyo, Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of
about 4.8 trillion yen (US$40.6 billion) for the fiscal year ended
March 31, 2006. See for further information.

About MoSys Inc.

Founded in 1991, MoSys (NASDAQ: MOSY), develops, licenses and
markets innovative memory technologies for semiconductors. MoSys’
patented 1T-SRAM technologies offer a combination of high density, low
power consumption, high speed and low cost unmatched by other
available memory technologies. The single transistor bit cell used in
1T-SRAM memory results in the technology achieving much higher density
than traditional four or six transistor SRAMs while using the same
standard logic manufacturing processes. 1T-SRAM technologies also
offer the familiar, refresh-free interface and high performance for
random address access cycles associated with traditional SRAMs. In
addition, these technologies can reduce operating power consumption by
a factor of four compared with traditional SRAM technology,
contributing to making them ideal for embedding large memories in
System on Chip (SoC) designs. MoSys’ licensees have shipped more than
100 million chips incorporating 1T-SRAM embedded memory technologies,
demonstrating excellent manufacturability in a wide range of silicon
processes and applications. MoSys is headquartered at 755 N. Mathilda
Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94085. More information is available on
MoSys’ website at

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