Multi-megabit SRAM compilers simultaneously excel in speed,
power, density, and manufacturability

SUNNYVALE, Calif. (August 23, 1999)— Combining the
industry’s leading memory and compiler technologies, Virage Logic
and MoSys, Inc. today announced a partnership to jointly develop
and market the first multi-megabit memory compiler based on MoSys’
patented 1T-SRAM technology. Called Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM, the memory
compiler will provide system integrators with dramatic area and
speed advantages and the configurability offered by a memory compiler.

This partnership represents the teaming of the leading memory technology
and embedded memory compiler technology companies to deliver unique
tools to designers of the next generation of electronic products.
According to the terms of the multi-year agreement, both Virage
and MoSys will build and maintain the Custom Touch 1T-SRAM memory
compiler, which can be purchased from either company. Custom-Touch
1T-SRAM compilers will allow designers to create high-performance,
low-power, ultra-dense, and high-yielding megabit memory instances
in minutes for incorporation in their latest System-on-Chip (SoC)
designs. Designers will have an efficient method to economically
embed the quantity and performance of memory that previously could
not be integrated.

“Today’s SoC designers are forced by market pressures to simultaneously
optimize embedded memories for speed, power, and cost,” commented
Dr. Fu-Chieh Hsu, president and CEO of MoSys. “By using Virage’s
compiler technology, we can now offer designers the best, most user-friendly
access to the only memory technology that excels in all three performance
metrics at once.”

“The market is moving toward multi-megabit memories, and the
design challenges are very different at sizes much larger than a
megabit,” said Adam Kablanian, president and CEO of Virage
Logic. “1T-SRAM represents a breakthrough in embedded memory
technology for the SoC industry and we are very excited to partner
with MoSys to provide compilers for this revolutionary technology.
This removes a significant barrier to integrating large amounts
of high-performance memory and thus enabling true system-level integration
at an affordable price.”

About Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM Compiler

Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM will be a single-port, synchronous, multi-megabit
compiler with a range of 512 kilobits to 64 megabits. It will be
used for applications such as networking, graphics and video, which
often require large blocks of memory on a chip, but need a much
smaller area than previously possible using traditional SRAM. In
order to ensure high yield, the companies will offer Built-In-Self-Test
(BIST) to enable testing of the memory core without a separate memory
tester, and Failure Analysis of defective cells. The compiler will
also include redundancy in the embedded memory core allowing defective
cells to be repaired automatically. The compiler will generate complete,
verified design data and models for most popular EDA tools.

Pricing and Availability

The first Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM compiler, targeted at leading foundries¹
0.18 micron standard logic processes will be available in early
Q1 2000. Compiled memory instances for COT customers will be available
at a license fee of $300,000. COT customers and semiconductor manufacturers
may also license the compiler.

About 1T-SRAM:

Available in densities up to 128Mbits, MoSys’ patented 1T-SRAM
technology uses a single-transistor cell to achieve its exceptional
density while maintaining the refresh-free interface and low latency
random memory access cycle time associated with traditional six-transistor
SRAM cells. Embedded 1T-SRAM allows designers to get beyond the
density limits of six-transistor SRAMs; it also reduces much of
the circuit complexity and extra cost associated with using embedded
DRAM. 1T-SRAM memories can be fabricated in either pure logic or
embedded memory processes without violating standard design rules,
and using as little as one ninth of the area of traditional six-transistor
SRAM cores. In addition to providing random access cycle times an
order of magnitude faster than DRAM, this technology offers dramatic
power consumption savings using only a quarter of the power of conventional
SRAM memories.

Proven Technology Enhances Yield, Reliability

1T-SRAM technology is volume production proven in millions of MoSys’
discrete memory devices. This same high-yielding technology will
now be available in the Custom-Touch 1T-SRAM compiler for integrating
embedded memories in demanding SoC applications. To ensure that
the memories generated by the new compiler are also Silicon-ProvenTM
, the companies will rigorously test the product as part of Virage’s
Silicon-Proven Characterization program. This program is designed
to eliminate risks associated with using third party IP and to deliver
high yield and reliability across a wide range of process technologies.
The resulting silicon report will be available to customers at the
time of product shipment.

About Virage Logic:

Virage Logic is the market leader in application-specific embedded
memory cores. The company’s products include memory compilers, software
tools that enable the development and reuse of memory cores, and
custom memory design services. Virage’s customers include the leading
semiconductor and electronic systems companies designing System-on-Chip
applications. The memory products developed by Virage are available
for COT customers targeting pure-play foundries and also optimized
for semiconductor companies. Founded in January 1996, the company
is privately held, and is located at 46501 Landing Pkwy., Fremont,
California 94538. Telephone: (877)-360-6690 (toll free) or (510)
360-8000. Fax: (510) 360-8099. Please visit

About MoSys:

MoSys, Inc. is a semiconductor memory technology company that specializes
in innovative, high performance, random access memories including
products based on its patented 1T-SRAM technology. Founded in 1991,
the company develops and markets memory integrated circuits as well
as licenses memory technology and cores to semiconductor and systems
companies. The company’s unique memory architecture has been proven
in the volume production of over 30 million memory devices. Since
starting the licensing program for 1T-SRAM technology in March 1999,
licensing and partnership relationships have been announced with
Analog Devices Inc., Lexra Inc., NEC Corporation and TSMC. The company
is headquartered at 1020 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94086.
More information on MoSys is available at