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Product Details

Part Number: MSH320
Product Family: LineSpeed Flex
Package Size: 17mm x 17mm

100G Gearbox with RS-FEC

The MoSys LineSpeed Flex 100G Gearbox with RS-FEC translates 10G interfaces to 25G interfaces, multiplexing 100G traffic at 10x10G to 4x25G. The device can support an optional IEEE 802.3bj Clause 91 RS-FEC, retimer mode for 10x10G and higher OTN rates.

The MSH320 supports the IEEE802.3ba gearbox function. The electrical interfaces support IEEE and OIF-CEI-3.0 10G and 25/28G specifications. With the 100G 802.3bj RS-FEC encode, decode and correction functions enabled, the device will encode data into the 4x25G Tx interface and  decode and correct data (if needed) from the 4x25G Rx interface. The IEEE 802.3bj RS-FEC enables additional signal integrity and/or distance capability over optical or copper interconnects and has been specified in multiple standards and MSAs including 100GBASE-SR4, CWDM4 and PSM4. The device can also be configured as a 10 lane retimer. In this mode, the device can support up to 10 independent 10G to 11G interfaces for Ethernet or OTN.

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