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Cheetah Dev Kit

The Cheetah board utilizes a MoSys PHE & Xilinx UltraScale+ and supports the Company’s new software accelerator product line a solution which targets multiple apps, supporting additional capability to support high-speed extension to FPGA functions.

The Cheetah Development Kit features an integrated MoSys® Blazar Accelerator Engines BE-3 or PHE Device and Virtex UltraScale + VU9P FPGA. The new development kit provides an integrated Xilinx FPGA that is tightly coupled with a low latency 1Gb memory on the BE-3 or PHE (Programmable HyperSpeed Engine).

The BE3 has 1Gb of memory with multiple in-memory functions. The PHE is the same as the BE3 but includes 32 Risc cores for in-memory user defined functions.

The Cheetah board along with the associated IDE (Integrated Development Environment), enables rapid implementation of any algorithms that are benefited by offloading them from the FPGA into the PHE. Providing another level of acceleration.

The Cheetah card is also capable of supporting user applications looking to replace or outperform multiple QDR devices with a single MoSys 1Gb high-speed random-access memory (which allows up to 5G accesses into and out of the single device). The card supports all Xilinx VCU1525 applications.

It is a dual Slot PCIe form factor (Full Height and Length). There are 16 serial lanes connected to the BE3 or PHE that provide up to 400Gbps full duplex bandwidth.

Features & Benefits:

  • Utilizes a Xilinx XCVU9P device
  • Includes a MoSys BE-3 or PHE
  • (Programmable HyperSpeed Engine which has 32 RISC cores)
  • Supports all Xilinx 1525 applications
  • Dual Slot PCIe compliant (Full Height and Length)
  • MoSys PHE directly attached to Virtex UltraScale+ SerDes
  • 16 lanes of 25G SerDes to PHE allowing full bandwidth up to 400Gbps full duplex.
  • 1Gb of high-speed memory which can be utilized as an extension to the FPGA resources
  • Uses only 40K LUTs to interface with PHE
  • Card supports 64 GB of DDR4
  • PCIe Edge Connector

Availability: Now

Ordering Part Numbers:

  • MS-FHADK-630-X3F (BE3 Burst-based Full Height 630 Cheetah Acceleration Development Kit – Xilinx PCIe with FPGA)
  • MS-FHADK-830-X3F (BE3 RMW-based Full Height 830 Cheetah Acceleration Development Kit – Xilinx PCIe with FPGA)
  • MS-FHADK-PHE-X3F (PHE-based Full Height PHE Cheetah Acceleration Development Kit – Xilinx PCIe with FPGA)
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) LINK TO IDE PAGE
  • For other configurations, contact:

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